Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Please forward Diane Ravitch's eloquent summation of the DeVos confirmation to all of your friends, your neighbors, your elected officials.  Let your children and their teachers know that you stand with them and will be a tireless advocate for them and for their schools.  Then call or write every elected official who will need extraordinary courage to stand up against the harmful policies that will start to impact our schools; let them know you'll be right there with them as they stand up to DeVos's determination to dismantle our schools.

And to those public officials -- right now 50 senators -- who were too scared to stand up for the public's schools, let them know that you know when the next election comes around , you'll be watching to see if they cave to the DeVos legislative agenda or have the courage to listen to the parents and teachers and business leaders and civil rights organizations in their states and vote for strong, equitable public schooling.

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