Thursday, February 9, 2017


Texas SB No. 695

Relating to elective courses in ethnic studies for middle school and high school students

Good news out of Austin:  A bill requiring the state of Texas to offer ethnic studies courses as middle and high school electives has been introduced in the legislature.  SB695 would authorize ethnic studies electives in Mexican American, Asian American, Native American and African American studies.   Tireless efforts by informed community groups built the coalition behind this bill.  Forward-thinking legislators signed on to sponsor it.

Now we all need to make sure SB695 gets a hearing, gets a vote, and becomes Texas law!  If you were horrified by the bogus “Mexican American studies” book that colonized Mexicans and degraded our collective history, if you admired the scholars and community leaders who successfully fought its adoption, then seize this chance to make our kids’ education match our rich history and cultural assets.  

See Angela Valenzuela’s advice for legislators to contact, copied from her blog (below).   The bill itself is here; share it with your friends, your children’s teachers, your children themselves.  Letters and calls from school kids carry weight:  these are the future voters.

Whom to thank:
  • The K-12 Committee of the NACCS Tejas Foco organization.  
  • Senators Garcia, Hinojosa, Lucio, Menéndez, Miles, Rodriguez, Uresti, Watson, West, Whitmire, ad Zaffirini for co-authoring this historic legislation.

Whom to contact:

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